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  • Diesel Powered Screw Air Compressor

Diesel Powered Screw Air Compressor

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11 / 02 / 2022
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PT. INTI KARYA KARISMA adalah suatu perusahaan dagang yang berkembang sangat pesat, khususnya dalam bidang penyediaan barang dan alat - alat untuk kebutuhan industri yang ada di Indonesia, meliputi bidang Valve - Valve, Automation System dan Electrical Components.

Detail Diesel Powered Screw Air Compressor

Diesel Powered Screw Air Compressor Portable Air Power Elgi has a legacy of providing reliable compressed air solution for the construction, mining and oil & gas industries for over four decades. Drilling is both technically demanding and commercially challenging in these industries. For drilling small to large blast holes, the compressors should meet the critical requirements of high-speed, reliable performance and economy in drilling operations. Elgi compressor has proved a good choice to meet these demands. With faster drilling, it ensures higher productivity at lower drilling cost -per-foot. The compressors are available in diesel/ electric powered versions. They have broad usage in diverse applications that include DTH drilling, oil& gas exploration, tunneling, pigging, sand blasting, piling, laying of fibre cables, road and bridge construction. Energy - Efficient eta-V profile airend All Elgi rotary screw airends feature its energy saving eta-V rotor profile that are designed to ensure maximum energy efficiency. Every Elgi screw compressor hence quickly pays for itself through significant savings in energy costs. Robust Enclosure galvanized steel and powder coated canopy Full galvanized steel and powder coated canopy comes as a standard fit for maximum corrosion protection and durability. Its unique cool-box design allows cool air to enter the rear of the compressor ( in closed door operation) and wash over internal components, keeping internal temperature low and prolonging component life. High Speed robust design The trolley mounted compressors are designed to be stable in high transport speeds upto 70 km/ hr. Ensuring safety in transit, the compressor is fitted with height adjustable tow bar with speed brakes for overspeed protection and safe towing. Towing lights and reflectors are provided for better visibility and safe working in the work place. High Maneuverability compact build Due to compactness, the compressor provides maximum maneuverability and allows short radius turns. The heavy duty construction of the compressor also benefits the customer with high gradeability enabling wobble-free movement on slopes. Greater Fuel Efficiency international warranty engines Elgi line of diesel powered screw compressors are powered by international warranty engines, that are engineered to provide better fuel-economy and low emissions. Equipped with these engines, the compressors provide the customers with durable performance at low cost of ownership User-Friendly centralized control panel Air Delivery Matched to Demand variable capacity control Effective Cooling aluminum oil coolers The aluminium oil coolers increase the effectiveness of heat in a compact construction Increased Operational Life two-stage air intake filters The filtration system in two-stages prevents dust from entering the compressor and the engine. The compressor is hence ideal for operations in dusty conditions Ease of Maintenance and Service wider access The quick and easy access to the routine maintenance components allows drastic reduction in service time. Elements like air filters and valves can be reached through service doors at the front. The service doors with cam lock arrangement enable the operator to perform maintenance with ease and less operator fatigue. Options Offered * After Cooler and Moisture Separator * Cool-box design * Closed base - frame design * Secondary Air outlet * Skid Mounted version
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