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  • Discharge Regulator & Fixed Cone Dispenser Valve

Discharge Regulator & Fixed Cone Dispenser Valve

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11 / 02 / 2022
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Detail Discharge Regulator & Fixed Cone Dispenser Valve

Discharge Regulator & Fixed Cone Dispenser Valve The Fouress-Boving discharge regulator is a fixed cone valve with a movable sleeve. Such valves are typically installed on the terminal installed on the terminal end of a pressure conduit and convert the potential energy of water under pressure to the kinetic energy of water in free discharge. The movable sleeve functions as a variable area nozzle, therefore, the valve is useful not only for the dissipation of hydraulic energy, but for flow control as well. Figure 1 is a schematic cross-section through the valve. The body is cylindrical and flanged at the upstream end for connection to the conduit. The body cylinder is connected to a downstream dispersing cone by a streamlined radial ribs forming an equally sized series of discharge ports. Flow control is effected by a reinforced stainless steel lined cylindrical gate which slides over copper alloy glide strips to close the discharge ports. Sealing is by metal-to-metal contact with a seat ring attached to the dispersing cone. The dispersing cone thus transforms the discharging jet of water into a hollow divergent cone in which the kinetic energy is dissipated by air friction if discharged to atmosphere, or by turbulence if operating submerged. By virtue of its axial hydraulic balance, the valve gate is subject to negligible end loads and consequently requires relatively small operating forces to overcome piston seal sliding friction and operate smoothly over the full valve stroke. Additional advantages of the Fouress-Boving fixed cone discharge regulator over other types of free discharge valves include: Low initial cost of valve and civil works Low maintenance No downstream channel erosion Absence of vibration High discharge co-efficient For Detailed Specifications and Dimensions Download Brochure Material of Construction Sl.No. Description Material Specification a BODY FABRICATED CARBON STEEL( IS 2062) b VALVE CONE FABRICATED CARBON STEEL( IS 2062) c SLEEVE ST. STEEL ( ASTMA 351 CF8 ) / AISI316 d GUIDE BLOCK ST. STEEL ( ASTMA 479 TYPE 316 ) e SEAT RING ST. STEEL ( ASTMA 351 CF8M ) f BEARING LEADED BRNZE( BS1400 LB2) g SEAL NITRILE RUBBER
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